Custom Printed Bottles – A Budget Friendly Effective Giveaway
in Promotional Bottles by Dave

If you have a major event coming up – or perhaps you’re searching for an item to thank clients who visit your office – then you may be in search of the perfect budget friendly giveaway! If you’re looking for a marketing tool that is effective and efficient, yet affordable enough to giveaway to current and potential customers, then you may be currently overwhelmed with the selections available to you. If you’re struggling to determine which items are best suited to your business, we recommend custom printed bottles! Everyone drinks water, so you can be confident your bottles will be used time and time again.

  • Range of materials to suit every giveaway
    Whether you own a kindergarten or an international corporation, there are water bottles available to suit every business and event! Plastic sipper bottles are an excellent choice for casual events, whilst glass canisters can be used for a lavish giveaway. Metal can be perfect for outdoorsy events and there are even protein shakers for the health and fitness industry!
  • Easily customisable to complement your business
    In addition to the range of styles and designs available on the market, you can completely customise your bottle to ensure it perfectly reflects your business – and offers maximum advertising potential. Choose a colour scheme that is in line with your current marketing campaign, and the bottle itself can be printed or engraved with your logo, message, business name and contact details!
  • Ideal for any occasion
    Custom printed bottles aren’t unique to a single industry – no business can have monopoly on whether or not their customers drink water! This means you can take advantage of their features and benefits, no matter what services or products you provide. You can be confident your customers will be appreciative of your personalised bottle, and that they will use them into the future.
  • Extended exposure through long-term use
    Everyone knows that water bottles are designed as a multi-use item, available in the cupboard each time you need a drink on the go. What this means in terms of your marketing campaign is that your branding will be front and centre each time your customers open their cabinetry! With a single purchase, you can ensure potential clients are exposed to your marketing message dozens, if not hundreds of times!
  • Environmentally conscious
    As they are designed to be used time and time again, you aren’t only gaining extended exposure for your marketing campaign, you’re also saving plastics from entering landfill! Rather than go out and purchase a cheap plastic bottle from the supermarket, your customers can instead use your durable and attractive alternative.
  • Affordable advertising alternative
    Despite the wide range of advantages that we have listed above, custom printed bottles aren’t going to completely break the bank! In fact, they are an incredibly affordable addition to any promotional arsenal. Stunning glass bottles are available on the market for just over $6 each, whilst plastic alternatives will set you back less than $2.40 each! Regardless of your budget, you can be sure that these bottles will fit easily within any financial plan.

As you can see, custom printed bottles offer the ideal giveaway, as they are effective and easily customisable. Through extended exposure, you can be confident your business name will remain first and foremost when your customers next need your services – and you will leave a lasting impact for potential clients with whom you only interacted with briefly when giving away the bottles. Whatever the occasion and whatever your industry, custom drink bottles are a must have addition to your marketing campaign.