Make Your Business Stand Out with Promotional Drink Bottles
in Promotional Bottles by Dave

Are you looking for an affordable yet effective advertising tool? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the cost of television, radio and newspaper campaigns, then it may be time to consider something far more cost effective, yet just as impactful – it’s time to invest in promotional drink bottles. Perfect for every industry, they can be used by customers and staff, young and old, sports stars and office works, and everyone in between. After all, staying hydrated isn’t just an advertising tool, it is critical for good health! If you’re wondering why you should implement water bottles into your next campaign, then you’ve come to the right place! 

  • Incredibly Affordable
    One of the major benefits of promotional water bottles is there incredibly low price point. Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a television commercial, our bottles offer an excellent marketing tool and have options starting at less than $2.40 per unit! This means your business can afford to reach out to many customers in a meaningful and tangible way, without breaking the bank!
  • Easy to Customise
    To ensure your customers know exactly which brand they are supporting when they drink from your promotional drink bottles, take care to customise each possible aspect of the bottle! Choose a colour scheme that matches your existing marketing material, and print your logo, business name and marketing message onto the exterior for maximum impact.
  • Used Across the Country
    Whatever your industry, you can be confident your water bottles will be used. After all, everyone needs to stay hydrated! Whether you’re in construction or part of a big corporation, you can be confident your bottles will be used! 
  • Maximum Impact
    Thanks to their design, these bottles are designed to be used again and again! As a result, you can be confident that you’re getting maximum exposure from a single bottle, rather than investing in a product that simply gets thrown away. Your business is also more likely to be the name your customers turn to when they next need your services!
  • Environmentally Concious
    Though this isn’t necessarily the reason you choose to invest in promotional bottles, it definitely is important to thousands of people across the country – all of whom will appreciate the environmentally conscious effort your brand is making. Helping people to cut down on single use plastics, such as water bottles from the supermarket, is just another way we can help reduce landfill.

As you can see, there is often no greater choice than well-designed promotional drink bottles, as you can advertise your business whilst meeting the needs of your customers – and staying hydrated will be one of their needs, because it’s something that everyone requires, not just those in your industry! Printed with your logo and handed out to clients and employees, you can be confident that your business will soon be gaining unparalleled exposure. 


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