Promoting Your Business With Promotional Drink Bottles
in Promotional Bottles by Dave

Promotional gifts are a tried-and-true advertising strategy that more businesses are returning to in a bid to win over customers, particularly in the ever-changing market posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Promotional drink bottles are one such gift that is sure to get you noticed, making them the ideal choice for publicising your brand, products or services. But why is this? It’s hard for us to pinpoint just one reason why promo bottles in Sydney are such a valuable choice.


Cost Effectiveness
The reality is that every business must consider the underlying economic impact when choosing a promotional gift to hand out to its customers. Some items are really fun and exciting, but their cost makes them prohibitive for most businesses. Drink bottles are a more economical choice that will get your message out there without breaking the bank. With the variety of options available, there’s an option to receive real value for money and to suit every budget.


An essential characteristic that any promotional item should have, bottles offer excellent customisation opportunities that are also more straightforward than those for other gifts. Your logo and branding can be printed directly onto the surface for a high-quality finish that is also dishwasher safe, it can be applied via adhesive vinyls if you’re looking for a more budget solution, or it can even be etched permanently into the surface if you’ve chosen a metal substrate.


This is important for a few reasons – you don’t want your gifts to be damaged during transit, nor do your customers want an item that’s going to break after only one or two uses. Promotional bottles in Sydney are typically more durable and longer lasting than other options, particularly if you’ve opted for a material like aluminium, to provide you with the best return on your investment – your one-time cost will support the promotion of your brand over and over again.


Higher Visibility
One of the great things about promotional drink bottles is that they’re portable and can be used virtually anywhere. They can be carried around or tossed into a bag with ease. This portability ensures that promo bottles in Sydney will be more visible – whenever it’s placed down on a table or raised to someone’s lips, your branding will be front and centre. People will be more likely to repeatedly see your logo, vastly improving the recognisability of your brand.


Meeting a Need
Whilst we all love a bit of fun, those items that are most popular tend to be those that meet an important need in our lives. And let’s face it – water consumption is an essential part of living a healthy life. As promotional bottles fill this necessary need – and, in fact, facilitate our ability to hydrate whilst on the go – they'll be used more frequently than any other gift. Every single time that they’re pulled out for use, your brand will be on display for others.


More businesses and individuals are placing importance on being environmentally friendly than ever before. One high-quality food-grade promotional bottle in Sydney can replace hundreds of single-use plastic ones, preventing the creation of more landfill and helping the community to do their bit for the environment. Show your employees, customers, clients and sponsors that you more eco-friendly choices by giving them a gift that helps them do the same.

We feel that promotional drink bottles can be distributed by any business without hesitation. Unlike other gifts, they are the more superior option – plus are far more affordable and offer the best return on your investment. Whether you’re looking for competition and event giveaways, a gift for customers and employees alike, or a way to give back to groups in your local community, bottles are the gift that will keep on giving. Brand yours today.